WAZA, klasycyzm, pocz. XIXw.

Classicistic vase characterized by a wide bowl and a slender foot. Two handles with palmette endings emerge from her spell. Decorated with a figural scene depicting a fragment of the mythological centauromachia.

Classicism, early 19th century


Dimensions: 18cm x 16cm x 11.5cm

Conservation condition: visible in the photos/ span>

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1 200 zł tax incl.

The centaurs invited to the wedding feast of King Lapiths, as a result of intoxication, tried to take the bride - Hippodameia by force. An unrestrained taste for wine and women became the cause of a conflict in which they fought armed with burning torches and tree trunks. The centaurs defeated by the Lapites were eventually driven out of Thessaly.-size: 16px; ">A