[reservation] NORMBER BOWL, brass, 17th century

Nuremberg bowl with a high collar/ span>

The centralizing decoration of the bottom received a pattern in the shape of convex flower petals. It is surrounded by a line of concave tears in a radial arrangement, referring to a floral ornament.

There is a delicate strip of repeating foliage on the comb.

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4 000 zł tax incl.

In modern Europe, the main center for the production of brass bowls was Nuremberg. Initially, they were created for decorative purposes, without indicating a specific function. With time, they began to be used in households, for liturgical purposes, and even for barbers. In the 15th century, bowl breakers received a guild status, which clearly stated that their production could only be handled by the townspeople of Nuremberg.olor: # 000000; font-size: 16px; ">

XVII century


Diameter: 39.5cm

Preservation condition: worn, traces after repairs.