ALARM WITH ENAMEL, art deco, KIENZLE, Germany, circa 1920

Alarm clock by KIENZLE, art dé co, Germany, circa 1920

It has a chinoiserie-style decoration - referring to the motifs and materials characteristic of Chinese art.

The surfaces are covered with turquoise enamel inlaid with white metal. Brass body, back engraved.

Width 7.8 cm, height. 7 cm, depth. 2.6 cm.

Call No .: Kienzle

The mechanism is complete, one small loss of enamel.

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470 zł tax incl.

KIENZLE is the oldest watchmaking company in Germany, founded in 1822 in Schweningen and operating to this day, since 2002 it has been based in Hamburg. The company's significant development was due to the introduction of innovative production solutions, as early as at the end of the 19th century, over 160,000 alarm clocks and wristwatches per year were produced here. In the 20th century, production was gradually expanded to include travel clocks, parking meters, car clocks, table clocks, clocks and clock instruments for aviation and the armed forces. In the 1960s and 1970s, Kienzle became the market leader in Germany. The dashboard clocks for Rools Royc and Bentley were manufactured here. The first sundial, the first quartz clock and the radio-controlled alarm clock were developed, as well as the most waterproof clock in the world - operating at 12,000m ppm