HANGING CLOCK, Lenzkirch, September / October 1901

Art Nouveau hanging clock with rich decorations. The wooden case, dial and pendulum are decorated with stylized floral motifs characteristic of this period.

Lenzkirch, late September / early October 1901

The chest is made of oak wood/ span>

Dim. 99 x 46 x 14 cm, d. dial: 27 cm.

Markings: company logo, 1 Million (first batch of numbered clocks), model number 263021.

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4 000 zł tax incl.

Lenzkirch (Aktiengesellschaft fur Uhrenfabrikation Lenzkirch) - a German company founded in 1851 by Eduard Hauser. At that time, German clocks were no match for French and Swiss products. This opinion was changed by the Lenzkirch clocks, which brought Western technological innovations to the German market. The company had numerous factories producing all the necessary parts. The medals won at world exhibitions testify to the Lenzkirch clocks class. AGUL operated until 1929, when it was taken over by the competing label Junghans AG.